Finger Rings Can Bring You Bad Luck

Jewelry is something that every woman adores. Rings are a very essential part of the same. Rings have always been a symbol of love and friendship. They have their own importance in marriages.

Gold, silver or a diamond ring is very common. But, have you ever heard of ‘gemstone rings’? These are gold, silver or copper rings with a gem or a precious stone like ruby, emerald, sapphire, pearl, etc., embedded in them. Do you buy them just because they can match with a wide range of your dresses? Please do not do this ever again.

Every particular gemstone has certain amount of energy associated with it or in other words, they create a magnetic aura around you. Gemstones have been used as lucky charms or talisman since times unknown. These are kept in touch of one’s body either in a ring or a necklace.

Gemstone rings should be selected according to your zodiac sign. On one hand, a right gemstone ring can take you to peaks of success, improve your health, calm down your restlessness and ease your tensions. On the other hand, if the gemstone rings that you wear, do not suit your zodiac, they can have an opposite effect. They can not only affect you but also your spouse, your children and your family members.

For instance, pearl or moonstone is worn in the forefinger to calm down restlessness. Sapphire is suitable for people whose zodiac sign is Aquarius. Opal and topaz are worn for success. This is actually determined by your personal horoscope. Ruby might have negative effects on those who are aggressive and can be favourable for others.

So, do find out your zodiac and the gemstone that suits you before you invest in a lot of money to buy these expensive and beautiful assets. You can find a lot of related information on the internet or on genuine sites related to astrology.

These gemstones possess some supernatural power and you just need to use this power and direct this energy to your favor and well being.

Source by Bhatnagar Sumit

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